Moogle news at 10! (moogle_news) wrote,
Moogle news at 10!


Status: CLOSED
Until further notice. Those who currently have reserves are free to still post their application so long as it is still within their reserved time period. Be sure to put "RESERVED" somewhere in your comment.

{ Avatar: The Last Airbender }
Jet → [01/05/12] → RJ

{ Final Fantasy Tactics A2 }
Luso Clemens → [01/04/12] → whitemount

{ Legend of Zelda (Skyward Sword) }
Link → [01/03/12] → Lucy
* = Awaiting processing.

To reserve a character, please fill out the forum in a comment.

You may reserve up to 2 characters at a time. Reserves last for 1 week. After that, a one-week extension will be allowed before your reserve is removed. After that, you may reserve again after 3 days. If you have sent your applications in and wish to reserve another character, please wait for word on your application before doing so!
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